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I’ve known Mike McCulloch for a long time but not as a real estate agent.

I’d like to, however, take a moment to share my experience of having Mike as my realtor. From the moment we first talked about selling my condo, through developing a strategy and ultimately the sale Mike was a consummate professional. His calm, affable demeanour that I’ve known him for was a great relief throughout the process. In addition, his knowledge of the real estate market, his and his wife’s advice on paint colours and renovations were all very welcome and helpful. When I got Mike’s text with the first preemptive offer I was floored. The second one was even better. The whole process was quick, handled exceptionally well and wrapped up in days. Communication, which is a big thing for me, was on point and it helped that Mike is a very trustworthy guy. Ultimately my condo sold in 3 days at 11% over asking. I have no reservation in highly recommending Mike to anyone looking for a realtor.

Mike Rosina

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